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Deb Koesters

Deb Koesters has been a fiber artist for over 40 years with the first 30 of them, using only human hair as her medium of choice (hair stylist) in 2010 Deb began her journey as a wet felt fiber artist when attending a wet felting 3-dimensional class on the East Coast. The technique uses wool, silk, and warm soapy water with friction or rubbing to make the fiber fuse together, forming a fabric called felt.  It came quite natural to her as she has worked with hair all of her life and wool is another form of hair. Deb loves color, sculpting and the whole process of felting. Having studied the technique under many talented felting professionals, she has developed her own acquired style over the years resulting in her founding of Feltersforte.One of her bigger milestones was being published in the book, "Worldwide Colours of Felt" by Ellen Bakker. 

Deb is a member of The Surface Design Association, Omaha Artist Inc., Fiber Art Now, Omaha Weavers and Spinners Guild. She resides in Council Bluffs

Artist Statement…

Wool, Silk, and a few cellulose fibers such as cotton, and viscose are the tools of my trade whether we are talking about eco-printing a scarf or making a fabric called felt.  Silk and wool fibers can be combined to create a beautiful, luscious fabric. There are many ways to showcase felt and imagination is the key to unlocking the uses. 

I automatically think of the sense of touch when I am thinking about things made out of felt, so...Please touch and feel the textures of this fiber art.