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List of Materials for Reversible Vest Class

Reversible Vest Class Materials List for Students: (Click here for .pdf)

  • *10-12 ounces of good quality merino roving (18-21 microns)
  • 3-5 ounces of plant fibers (viscose, hemp, ramie, bamboo, cotton, tensel, silk.... all or any of these)
  • 3 ounces yarn (make sure that wool content is no less than 30-40%);
  • *5 yards solid color silk (lighter color than roving) can substitute several pieces of the same length for one piece of 5 yards
  • * 5 yards silk with print
  • *2 pieces of bubble wrap (about 48 x 100 inches);
  • *netting
  • sharp scissors
  • needle and thread matching with color of wool (just in case);
  • cotton very strong thread (any color)
  • soap (bring the one you used to working with)
  • *sprinkler
  • *Floor underlayment, at least 65x95" (to make the pattern)
  • *2 sheets of very thin plastic, at least 65x95"(.7mil works well)
  • Marker
  • Calculator
  • Measuring tape, with inches and centimeters
  • Pen and writing paper
  • Plastic gloves          
  • felting tools (any and all types you might have on hand)
  • Rolling pin
  • # 1 large and 3 small towels
  • 4 ties
  • plastic tub for rinsing

The materials with * will be available for sale at the Rendezvous Marketplace; the # materials will be available to borrow at no charge (first come/first served)  from the Felting Source during the Rendezvous.