Look here first

Watch and Listen and Laugh!

Pat Martinek wrote and sang a tribute to the 2018 Felter's Rendezvous.

The Felters Rendezvous Song (copyright 2018) by Pat Martinek (attendee)
To the tune of America the Beautiful with apologies to Katherine Lee Bates
How beautiful my jacket is
I love the way it looks.
I never could have learned it on
My own or by the books.
Oh Beverly yes Beverly
We love the way you teach
Your felted nuno
Awesome show
Next class is on your beach.
Now look at this spectacular
Amazing fitting vest
Of all of them we made in class
I know not which is best.
Emelia Emelia
Perfection's what you share
Our vests are lovely
Yet we know
With you they can't compare.
See felted ruffles, hats and scarves
With flair and textures wild
While freeing our creative selves
They called our inner child.
With Annamie from Netherlands
Unfettered thoughts were freeing
Accessories you taught to us
Are worthy of your queen!
While making my new journal book
Hole punching was a breeze
The felt resists we used are stuff
From markets full of fleas.
Oh Chad your gaffs all made us laugh
Your dyeing's super-sonic
Designs and colors now will be
Propelled by gin and tonics.
Then in four days of Maggy's class
We felted coats and vests
With prefelts, silk, and felt machines
And patterns planned with zest.
With cloth design for garments fine
Our new wraps take the cake
We'll wear them here and everywhere
Heads turning in our wake!
We came and shopped the Marketplace
Bought everything we dare
Fine wools and silk in colors bright
For class and plans to spare
We found our lifetime felt supplies
Our stashes run amuck
And now we fear we'll splurge next year
And fill 10 semi trucks.
Come join The Felters Rendezvous
Vacation in its prime
Come learn and laugh
And take a class
And meet these friends of mine.
Oh Debbie T, we all love thee
And all that Felting Foo.
Now hurry, bring
Our next year's bling
And Dancing Duncan, too.